Hartwell’s Christian Mortuary, Inctakes great pride in being part of our community.  It means more than just doing business here.  It means serving others and caring about the people.

Family-owned and operated, serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast and surrounding area for over 25 years.  Our professional and courteous staff prides ourselves on competence, experience and care for details.  Each family comes to us because they know we are dedicated to excellence in service, providing bereaved families with Personalized, Compassionate, Professional services.

Experience the Difference
Many times, a loved one has encountered cancer, other illnesses, or some traumatic tragedy that has caused disfiguration.  At Hartwell’s, we take restoration seriously; restoring a loved one to a healthy life-like appearance is one of the foundations on which we have built our reputation, along with our thoughtful, sympathetic and dignified services to families of all faiths.

Helping to Heal the Broken Hearted

The Hartwell’s will assist your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor your loved one. We offer special avenues for families to create healing moments after a loss of a loved one. Whether your choice is a traditional service, direct burial, direct cremation or cremation after traditional services, our family stands ready to meet your family’s needs.

  • Locally owned and operated with focus on personal care
  • Once you request the services of , Hartwell’s Christian Mortuary we will immediately put our experienced funeral professionals to work for you.
  • We will explain your options, make recommendations at your request, take care of all the small details, and ensure that you and your family’s personal touch is always present.

To adequately accomplish this, careful thought and planning must go into arranging a funeral. This is made easier if the wishes of your loved one are expressed prior to their death, and more comforting knowing that you satisfied their desires.

Then there are the financial arrangements associated with a funeral service that have to be decided upon. Often times following the sudden death of a loved one, not only is their an emotional loss, but there is also a financial loss, particularly if the deceased is still in their working years. Financial concerns can only compound the anxiety and stress placed upon family members of the deceased.

The above outlines are just some of the decisions that must be faced when a loved one passes suddenly. These issues can be simplified by taking the time now to pre-plan your funeral arrangements. Pre-planning allows for your wants and desires to be expressed, in writing, and removes any doubt surrounding them. Specifics regarding your service can be pre-determined, removing the burden from your loved ones. Even the financial arrangements can be pre-paid, lessening further the burden placed upon loved ones.

Because you never know when, you should take the time now to pre-plan your funeral arrangements and show your loved ones that you do care.

The Benefits of Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements

  • Comfort for your Loved Ones – Pre-planning helps relieve stress and anxiety from your loved ones following your loss.
  • Inflation Protection – Funeral merchandise and services are locked in at today’s prices, protecting your loved ones from rising costs.
  • Pre-Payment – Your loved ones will not have to face the burden of the financial arrangements and the hardship associated with it
  • Expressed Preferences – Allows you to specify, in writing, the details surrounding your funeral service. A Personal Planning Portfolio will be provided.
  • Acceptibility – We accept all pre-need policies purchased from other funeral homes, at their full value.
  • Your Peace of Mind – You will be secure in your knowledge that you have spared your loved ones from the stress, anxiety, concern, doubt and expense associated with planning your funeral

Remember, “your time of need is our time of commitment”.